Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover


Nature Inspired Innovation

Matrix-Q Akademia & E.U. vs COVID-19 [ @ The hackathon EUvsVIRUS April 2020]

L.D. Maldonado Fonken, CEO, R&D Lead, Social Impact Lead

We did decide to participate in the event just a few hours before its start. We received the invitation just 1 day before.

And joined MORE THAN 17K Participants of a PANEUROPEAN Hackathon

Our Team was built with new members of the Matrix-Q Akademia 2020

Along the first day, we learned all we could about the event and realized the opportunity we had to contribute


In April I announced the creation of a volunteer force for good, the Matrix-Q Task Force is an alternative to all members of the Akademia that want to engage and contribute with a collective response within 27 days of training.

The hackathon was suddenly a wonderful opportunity to align our innovation ecosystem to its mission, by taking a first challenge together.


We did combine 3 new members of the Akademia and 3 senior members of the ecosystem for this challenge.

A multidisciplinary team, to produce a demo for the EUvsVIRUS Jury, and communicate to the EU government and international partners, the strategic value of our vision, innovations and entrepreneurial activities.


To launch a digital platform for capacity building assisted by A.I. Engine, including human-consultants services online.


  1. Strengthen the creative mindset of leaders, now that challenging times and uncertainty needs to be faced
  2. Encourage circular thinking and innovation, to take today challenges as an opportunity to create a circular foundation that enables the future we want, in which human creativity has a positive impact on nature, people, and economies.



We created a new website to present our project along the 48 hours time limit of the hackathon


A hackathon is a fun challenge, it tests our team capacity, and our creativity, also endurance. All in all a great experience for our team. Learn quick, act fast, solve it simple or don’t do it at all,

We have very little time to get things done and we have to simplify, and let go when our favorite ideas do not work as quick and smooth as we would prefer or when a team member did something else we planned or was not there ready at the time needed.

If you have never been in a hackathon, i think you would like to give it a try.

As you may imagine our final work is not as we would like to, we tend to be perfectionists, but we hope have been able to communicate a message, content, the value of our creativity and our vision.

We plan for the next 2 weeks to continue working on this approach and upgrade all that has been done. As for us, the EUvsVIRUS hackathon is just the start, there are more step to do and we will go for it.


We learn by playing, facing challenges together and by bringing our innovation, creativity, and vision to the point of execution and return.